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Kel's Jetpack.

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Kyp Vok'Chi:
 YES im a member of MAJIC ! but i do think JP's are cool lookin, so i thought i might give one a bash. I was on a recent contract for a plumbers merchant and got these freebies and thought they were perfik for the job,

More soon, i dont want any MAJIC or MABEL carry on in this thread ner'vode just yet ! Please keep it for there own discussions mates ;) cheers.

Serim Merec:
Hey this should be cool lookin'! I'm gonna watch this as I may want to make a"recriational" jetpack in the future.

Jerek Darr:
If you incorporate that beer can into your jet,,,,,, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!! :kiss:

ConDar Ward:
This is going to be fun to watch Vod .......  8)

I love my Jump kit .... ! ...... But purely for Recreational use of course ......  ;)

Good luck with your Build ......  ;D

Kyp Vok'Chi:
Jetpack with beer dispenser lol


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