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Only One Piece for the time being.  I wanted to try it out and see if it looks right, any pointers?

Well. i know of two types of weathering but my favorite is always the same. I like to take a large paint brush and spray the tips of it with silver paint. lightly brush it against the edges of your pieces and against any part where the texture may be raised a little. maybe scrape it on some concrete a little then lightly brush over the scraped parts that may have been risen a little.

Kyp Vok'Chi:
Looks a little blotchy but easy to save, just scratch it a bit from blotch to blotch. I use a bit of all weathering, from dry brushing to layered. Look here for some tips,

Here are the WIKI tips ;)


Take 2

That weathering looks better, but I don't think it works with the blue.
I think the blue paint or decal or whatever you intend it to be would have worn off first.  You kinda have it backwards.
And I know Mando's wear their battle scars like trophies, but I don't really see any of them adding new paint elements over top of this kind of weathering.

I did mine this way.  And it was really simple.
I used some rough sandpaper on my armor plate.  It left a few gouges or kind of deep scratches, which is fine.
I added gray primer.
Be sure to give each layer of paint a lot of time to dry and settle.
This was followed by silver metallic glossy paint.  I think it was brilliant silver or something.
From here I took some mustard and smeared it on in the corners.  I used my fingers and a toothpick to apply it around the edges or in areas that would take damage or get rubbed or smacked a lot.  Use plenty of mustard.  Use the toothpick to make the mustard appear to have jagged, uneven edges.  You don't want it to look like it was dripped or spread on.
Then I chose a base coat.  In my case, it was hunter green.  In Boba Fetts case, I think it was yellow.  I picked the paint/primer mix, but I don't think that's necessary.  I added many layers of this color so when you remove the mustard at the end of this process, you get a nice 3-D effect.
When everything had plenty of time to dry, I added more mustard.  I used it to slightly expand existing weathering - I surrounded some spots that already had mustard.  I wouldn't do this with every single spot, though.  I also added it to a few new spots here and there to make it look like I've been scratched or hit by something that only took off one layer of paint.
I then applied many coats of my final color.
After everything has had time to dry, I used my fingernails, a paper towel and a butter knife to remove the mustard.  Don't press too hard or you'll strip layers of paint you don't want to strip.  Scraping it off under warm running water helps too.

Now you should have a base layer of shiny metal with a few visible scratches (from the sandpaper - the other scratches have been filled in by the layers of colored paint).  And your armor has some logical, realistic weathering.  I think 2 layers / colors of paint really sells the weathering a lot.
After all of this I chose to coat everything with some clear enamel paint.
Then I added blackwash.  You seem to know how to blackwash.

This is just how I did my weathering.  I've seen a lot of different techniques and they all look great, but I thought this technique was very easy and took little to no skill at all to pull off (which is a major plus for me).

A few tips to remember are:
Avoid patchy or blotchy spots.  Step back and look at it, and if it looks spotted, you probably aren't doing it right.
Remember to ask yourself WHY would the paint be worn off in THIS spot.  Why would your black layer be worn off and your blue layer isn't?
Once you pick a technique and want to move on with your armor, try to work on all of it together.  Frequently put everything together on the floor and make sure it all fits.  I had this problem recently when I gave my torso armor some extensive weathering but neglected my knees, thighs, helmet and shoulders - which should all be weathered more than my torso but look almost new.

Anyway, you can see the difference here.  New paint:

Old paint:


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