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I Love My Wife

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ConDar Ward:
That is a good perspective to have Vod .....  8)

However there is more Truth in your Words than you know ..... :blank:

Good Luck with this ..... You'll be able to find a middle ground ;)

Adenn Kyram:
Very true NEVER mess with mando women they can and will break any and all of us. :D lol good luck vod

Okay so i have to do this, I have a Hot Pink female jumpsuit. m/l I can get photos of it soon if needed. Would your wife want it for the "Barbie Mando" look?

Jesse Libarra:
Wishing you and your riduur (wife) the best of luck on this. When you settle on a design for her please remember to post her WIP thread too! I need all the help and ideas I can get.

I will be following this is interest. :D

and as promised



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