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Cyrus Rang:
This ^

From the novels of Karen Travis, female Mandalorians are indistinguishable from the men, however, in practicality, over the years there are certain assets that cannot be overlooked.

I wouldn't say that we have "slutty" Mandos, but we do have quite a few female members who have managed to show off their natural curve (whether intended or not).

Get her to make an account, log on, take a look at the female members WIPs and make a few decisions for herself, I find that the air of mystery surrounding our female members is enough.

the curved armor is enough. I have seen a lot of super sexy females in armor. Some with the overly fitted plates. Some that are not overly fitted.
 You asked about being cooked alive in your kit. No way around it. This stuff is hot. Get use to it. Use lighter fabrics and hope for the best/  ;)
An ideal i have seen thrown around is a compression suit. two piece or one. Like what under armor sells.

Thought I would chime in here... Not that my 2 cents are worth anything.

Females look great in armor and everyone takes notice.  After I became official she decided it was something she wanted to do so we got her set up and she has now been official for 8 months.   

Every event we go to I hear 20+ times- "Holy Sh** its a Girl... THATS HOT!!!"  followed by a swarm of pictures.

Attractiveness and sexiness can still be achieved without "slutty".  I would hate to point out specifics examples...  :-X other than my wife of course   ;)   But going through the female Armor section - - and finding aspects she likes is always the best place to start.

From there I say take your time...

ConDar Ward:
Any Pics of your Wife ?  :rolleyes: ...... jkjkjk  :laugh:  sorry .... :-X
_________________________________________________ _________________

Anyhow ........ Yeah , Mando Women are Very Smexy ..... &  Very Jaw Dropping & Eye popping to say the least ... w/o being slutty :o
Not to mention ...... They'll Kick your Sheebs ...... That's the sexiest part .... The Danger !

Maybe Try the Dark Side .......  :rolleyes:


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