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Well when i told her I was planning on joining the Mandalorian Mercs and building the armor to go with it i didn't hear " Grow up" or " your such a nerd".

Instead i heared this, " Thats awesome, i want to play to, is there a way to make a slutty version that is accepted?"

First, after picking my jaw off the floor, My respect for her grew to the size of a battle station. Second i made sure i came here first thing i could to ask the all important questions.

How can my wife get away with exposing skin and some cleavage and still be within specs to be approved by the club? A benefit to will also to be exposing some leg, I think if she wears a skirt she can easily bypass the cod piece rule.

And I am being honest here, this is my wife not me and i will swear that up and down on my honor :).

Short answer is: She can't. We won't approve "slutty" costumes into the club. The reason for that is that we have a responsibility to Lucasfilm as the Elite Mandalorian costuming organisation to ensure standards - which includes things like family appropriate attire, and blood/gore.

In my opinion, Mando ladies who DON'T try to look "Hot" actually look hotter than the ones that DO try.

There's nothing wrong with a good looking lady in a good looking kit, but she won't be approved with skin showing in the manner you suggest. For one, a full body flightsuit is required. Others have asked about wearing a kilt instead of a codpiece and have been knocked back - a loincloth or codpiece is what is acceptable. Short sleeve flightsuits are within canon, as are fingerless gloves.

If she wants to make a "slutty" costume, good for her! Go ahead! But it won't get her approved into this club as an official member.

Cyrus Rang:
Here is a link to the Costume Requirements that EVERYONE should read when they first start.;sa=page;p=5

I thought so, I told her the same thing,but she wanted for me to ask any way. I hope I or my wife have caused any offense.

Yeah, nothing more I can say about that, but I do want to adress her conern though

Again I have to ask even though I know the answer, is there a way to make it so she wont burn up in the suit?

Again she wants me to ask cause she is shy around new people.

if you've got the time and the resources, make her an official suit aaaaand the slutty one. but i've gotta say, theres a few female kits that i've seen that make my jaw drop without showing an inch of skin.


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