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No'saj Huune:
No worries.  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Jesse Libarra:
ok. Helmet question. Is it cheaper to buy or scratch-build a helmet? I would love to scratch-build my own some day, but right now it's kind of (very) intimidating.

Glad to see you made it to the Mercs site, Jesse! :)

It was intimidating to me too! My first bucket was a scratch build. It took me a very long time to make it though. There's a lot of sanding . I think my scratch build was really only the cost of bondo, fiberglass resin, and fiber glass cloth. The rest I did with cereal boxes. It was about, oh, 30-40 dollars for all the supplies, but I didn't use up any of the things I bought. I probably could've gotten a second bucket out of all of it if I hadn't used the rest of it on other projects.

I've only bought one bucket (I haven't even gotten around to using it yet!), so I can't say much for how expensive they generally are.

It's also a very good idea to poke around other threads here on this site. You can learn a lot just from seeing/reading what other people have done. And if there's something specific you want to find, use the search engine towards the top of the page -- it's helped me on many an occasion!

I hope that helps you out! :)

Jesse Libarra:
Thanks Ordeyn. :) I was mainly concerned with the price of fiber glassing, bondo, etc. 30-40 dollars doesn't sound too terrible. I may can do that...
Oh, and I don't know if I got to tell you, but your armor is...incredible, Ordeyn. :D

Well, after 4 years it had better be, LoL! And I'm still not done. ;) Thank you, Jesse!


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