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Helmet Sizing V 2.0

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Gett Bora:
Ohhh, I'm seeing what you're saying by sizing now. The helmet size in relation to the armor. Not it actually fitting on your brainbox?   :rolleyes:

Zolar Kresh:
Will be interested in this for sure.

Falin I will get my measurements for you and a pic of me in your Supercommando if you want, to help with the research

Hondo Karr:
The Rubies 2 piece mold was apparently made from a Jango movie helmet. So, 1:1 scale for Jango is the Rubies 2 piece and ASOK Jango helmets.

Height will have SOME to play in this but, shoulder width is the important part... shoulder width OUT OF ARMOR.

Antares... 100% gaurantee you will need a 1:1 scale helmet with those measurements.

Gett, you got it! most 1:1's should fit you alright. Like I said, they may vary some from maker to maker but, you should be able to get it on. I'm about 7 1/2 fitted cap and I have tons of room to spare in 1:1's.

Gett Bora:
Wow, did you have to grease up your noggin to get that Jango one piece on?? Looks like the witch doctor from Beetlejuice got a hold of you.
Whereas the ComMando looks pretty big, optical illusion?

Hondo Karr:
Optical illusion on the ComMando. Exteriorly it's Don Post-ish in size... interior is slightly less than a 2 piece Jango but more than a 1 piece Jango.


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