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Corran Falco:
Very impressive way to dress up that Iphone and I love the 40k reference.  ;D

Zophar Ptay:
Interesting idea on the epipens.   I get glass tubes at work that vanilla beans are shipped in that we go through rather quickly and had a similar use in mind.  I'm collecting a few together and was thinking of trying to use that glass-etching goop you can buy at michael's to frost the inside, plug the open end with a dab of clear epoxy and set an LED inside the dab to make some sort of diffused blaster energy cell or maybe some med-corps vials or a little something to plug into a helmet as a portable air supply or something.  I wouldn't have thought of those gel beads.  Downside: they are very sturdy, possibly even tempered glass, but they are still glass... I'll have to take one out back and see what kind of abuse they can take before they shatter.  Last thing we need is to shatter one the first time I bump into a display and have broken glass all over the place.

Yeah, I recently lost a couple of the vials at a troop. Glass can work, but you have to be very secure and careful with it.

Kane Friax:
why not coat the glass in epoxy? should make it sturdier and give it a very weird appearance.

The weird appearance is my only problem, I personally want them to look like medical equipment but anybody can do what they want with theirs.


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