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GreatSkyRiver's leather goods projects(with pouch tutorial).

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GreatSkyRiver Falco:
so here is the actual pouch wip.
I started off with these leather pieces, they are about 5 3/4 by 8 inches. slightly stiffer leather, most likley for boots or hats,so they hold the boxy shape better. they were samples from some garment co. at my old job. there are 20 pieces. each one a different surface texture and color, no two alike( you can imagine how these pouches will look.) each pouch will use two pieces each, so I will get 10 puches out of this bunch.(just need more fastenings, I might get one more pouch if i'm lucky).

I tried to get the best matches out of what was here.

okay, cut out another set of templates,nice and neat. lay them on your leather the same way you would your armor, trie to fit it so that you get as much out of ypur material, smaller pieces can be used for ammo loops and cylinders....oh wow! I forgot about some cylinder things..anyway. trace around the template then use a ruler to mark off your fold lines.TAKE YOUR TIME AND BE VERY CAREFUL HERE. any deviation of the lines at any point will cause the pieces to not fit right and it will come looking lopsided. carefully cut out the leather using a razor knife or heavy duty scissors. remember to do the 1/2 line between the two"A" pieces.

this is important. make sure you know which side will be the out side of your leather piece before you begin any folding. now that you know what side is out,we will move on to the next step.
I dont like when the  post window fills up. >:(

GreatSkyRiver Falco:
this part is a pain.

this is what I did, I'm sure there is a better way, or a special tool to do this, I dont know at the moment, to make sure I got a nice consistant fold, I took an old dull glass cutter and creased all the fold lines on the "valley" side, making several passes to get a good line. do not use a sharp object like a knife , you dont want to cut it, just crease it. then I folded it over by hand very carefully along the crease and used a small hammer to flatten and sharpen the crease from the outside, this allowed it to keep its shape and make it easier to assemble later on.
here you can see the pieces with nice sharp folds. you can also see the wierd crescent shaped blade thing I got In a thrift place, I think I just saw it in a leather supply site, now I cant find it, I dont know if it is supposed to be sharp, but it is dull enough to get good crease lines. you can also see the smaaler wings before i made my revision.

ok, leather cut out ( dont forget the belt loop), check. creased and folded, check.( remember, take your time so you get it right).
now we can put this thing together.

GreatSkyRiver Falco:
before we move on, choose your form of fasteners( nuts n bolts, rivets, rapid rivet, chicago screw or screwpost). make sure you know how to attach said fastener as we will not get into that stuff here, usually, they come with instructions anyway.
I use the rapid rivets from Tandy leather.
lay the loop on the back OUTSIDE part where the belt will go. it helps to have a belt handy to make sure the rivets are not too close,make 2 marks on the loop portion where to punch holes, then punch it.

now, lay just the loop on the back portion in the exact spot you want it in and mark some spots throught holes you just punched so you can make a hole through the back.

now punch those holes, and rivet the top of the loop on. for the bottom, you can-A) just use another rivet or-B) use a snap so you can remove the pouch without removing the whole belt.

GreatSkyRiver Falco:
this part was a little tricky as well.

first, lets refer back to template sheet two,

on the bottom, where you have two colums labeled "B" and "D". at the top of these two colums, the first two side by side squares and the two beneath it to make a larger square in the top of each colum. the "cross-hair" in the middle of the larger square is the hole punch mark.
next, go all the way down the colum to where they become the ends of "C". same thing, 4 little squares make a large square at the ends of "C", the cross-hair is your punch mark. now go back up the colum and find a halfway point just 1 square below the actual letter "B" and "D", make punch marks, and finally, in the middle of "C", the cross touching the back of the letter"C"=punch mark.
now punch them.
now, carefully try to place the two pieces together , fitting them as close as possible to the desired end result making sure that(looking at sheet 1)panel"C"is on TOP of corners "B" and "D"and carfully mark some punches through the holes you just made
this pic will show what I mean

remove the back portion once you have made your marks, you will note that the corners of"B" and"D" still need their punches, so punch what you just marked and re-fold so that its in shape and now mark through the holes you just made in the corners of "C" now go back and punch those two. so, if we did good then all these hole should line up.
ok so, bolt it up! depending on your fastener of choice depends on how tricky this bit is, I just happend to have a piece of 1 inch square bar that i was able to slide into the pouch to act as an anvil so I could hammer the rivets in.
you should have this so far;


GreatSkyRiver Falco:

it was bound to happen;

again, make sure that panel "C" is ON TOP of corners "B" and "D"



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