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GreatSkyRiver's leather goods projects(with pouch tutorial).

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GreatSkyRiver Falco:

back to the trenchcoat!

this time I removed the entire bottom.
the ruler is one foot

only thing is, the pockets are just below the top seam, I can try to incorperate them or remove them and sew the slit up.

I'll use this studded belt to attach to the kama.

and this ugly dug brass buckle.

thats it for now.

GreatSkyRiver Falco:
here is a test fit of the two belts together;

That looks great! Keep us posted.  ;)

Ajax Kaal:
Excellent work and great ideas and good tutorials.

Keep up the great work.


GreatSkyRiver Falco:
Thank you both! ;D


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