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GreatSkyRiver Falco:
that helmet is hella cool!!

That's nice, but the sad thing is, for people like me, it doesn't work. I've yet to find a retailer who has a 2x-3x flightsuit, even on ebay, for under $40. And a two piece is not the best fit. But, in the end, you can scratchbuild for nearly the same price. And there are coverall patterns for about $14, and fabric can be had usually for $20 or less... So, it comes out to just a bit more.

Just throwing out my own issues. I know my little sisters kit will end up following these, she's paying for it with a babysitting job!

I payed 50$ for my black 4x flight suit 2 years ago and when I looked I couldent find anything except this one.

So for some getting a 4x to a 5x suit look into spending a few more bones than the next guy.

Hondo Karr:
well, there's always circumstances that vary for individuals. but, the point of this thread is a general look wha can be done for cheap. it's not going to be a one size fits all but should fit most, especially with the recent influx, and 'm sure more coming soon, of new forum members looking to build a nice kit on a budget in tough ecomonic times.

that being said, it really doesn't matter how big or how small you are, if you're willing to put the tim in searching second hand shops, thift stores, yard sales and used military surplus stores, you can find all of your needed soft goods for very very low prices. with the exception of the mil surplus stores, the other places are generally negotiable in price as well as long as ou don't try to undercut them.

GreatSkyRiver Falco:
i use an extra set of navy blue BDU's from my job ,couldnt afford  $40 flightsuit from the army navy.


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