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Mandalore the Uniter:

2 fans, voice amp, RF servo + RC controller board.  The Mand'alor helmet will probably have more in it.

Sarim Thiri:
Woah Novall, yours looks high-tech  ;D

Brisk Arper Vok'chi:
yeah...our mand'alor's buy'ce acctually looks how i imagine the inside of a "real" bucket would look

Mandalore the Uniter:
I likes the high tech thingies =D  It makes it feel more realistic...and makes everything easier to keep up.

Brisk Arper Vok'chi:
yeah man...the high tech look rules...i cant wear my helemt any more without physically missing the comm link i was lending off the guys at CM12...i gotta do up my helmet or get another and tech it out!


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