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Sarim Thiri:
So do I, love when effort is made on things that no one will ever see. Also, if it's realistic to wear it'll without a doubt become easier to endure for a longer time than if it feels unreal to yourself.

Cer'jo Aclos:

--- Quote from: Taglar Dreskk on Nov 09, 2007, 08:25 AM ---Problem is putting them there would EAT my hair.
--- End quote ---

That's why I started wearing a du-rag (durag?) underneath my helmet, I was thinking of wearing a balaclava but it seems like that would just make me even more hot.

Jarad Lan:
I'm bucketless............

ditto... :'(

I've got a picture coming. Hold on. Might take an hour or so.  ;D


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