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HELMET SIZING AND BUYING TUTORIAL. Please read before asking all the answered Qs

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Xorim Kor:
Not to hijack A'den's thread, but here are a few comparison shots Talon clan took at our latest armor party.

Rubies 1piece, Gypsyboy, Bobamaker (in that order)


possibly a shot from under the buckets, i want a GB, but im not sure if my head will fit lol ... a long head sucks at times

Taglar Dreskk:
Nice work guys!  Added to helmet info thread under new title "helmet size comparisons"

Hondo Karr:
To add to this...

Best quality Vs. best price for custom builders... go with the Gypsyboy or Sgt. Fang resin helmets. Even if they are a bit tall for you, you can do as Taglar did... mark the helmet off and simply cut excess height off of the bottom of the helmet.

No helmet is perfect. All materials have their flaws... vinyl and plastic helmets can warp/deform in heat, seals on 2 piece helmets can crack and come undone over time, resin can break/crack and fiberglass can as well.

I think most people are careful with their buckets, more so than the rest of their kit. However, accidents happen. The nice thing about resin and fiberglass helmets (I reviewed no FB glass helmets as they run near $300.00 and up and are built to be movie replica's of the Fett's, they're more cost than value to custom Mando builders) is if they break, they are easily repaired. Vinyle and plastic buckets not so much do to their flimsy design. Any "hard" compounds you use to repair them can/will crack away from teh rest of the helmet if the conditions are right.

I said go Gypsyboy or Sgt. Fang. Gypsyboy is local, here on Mercs. We should support our own. Sgt. Fang is on TDH and while I've contacted him several times to try to get him to set up shop here, he hasn't to date. Gypsyboy beats Sgt. Fang on price by about 1/4 of the total cost. Also, from what I've seen in pix, Gypsyboy's helmets are thicker, thus more durable, than Sgt. Fang's. The one advantage Sgt. Fang offers over Gypsyboy is speed of availablility. For a Gypsyboy, you need to get on a run list and could be made to wait for a helmet. Sgt. Fang currently has a stock of helmets ready to go and, even when  those are depleted, he does helmets on a per order basis. You don't have to wait for a run.

I hope this helps all those looking for a new or first helmet!

Riya Morut:
Okay, here's a question for all the folks with glasses...I am a very petite female (just under 5'), but I'm going to need a helmet that leaves room for my hair and glasses.  I measured around my head with the hair done up right and the glasses on and got about 26" (that's with a little wiggle room).  Which of these would probably fit the best?  And do any of them cause problems with your glasses when you take them on and off?


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