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HELMET SIZING AND BUYING TUTORIAL. Please read before asking all the answered Qs

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Jerek Darr:

--- Quote from: Blackbullet0 on Sep 11, 2011, 04:30 AM ---Im new and am extremely confused as to where exactly the trading forum is.

--- End quote ---

Click the "forum" link right under the mercs skull at the top of the page. scroll down and you will find a link titled 'trading staition'.

Hondo Karr:
ASOK's old Jango thread may have vanished but, if you contact him via email (preferred) or PM he can provide you pix. I know there are pix on TDH and I think the BHG. He got his hands on I believe it was either a damaged mold or helmet... Im thinking mold... from LFL that was used to make the Jango movie helmets. He made a casting, cleaned it up and made a new mold. So, short of a pull direct from the original intact mold, it is as close to screen accurate Jango as one is likely to get.

Thanks alot!

Barbarossa Kad:
I wear a size 8 fitted hat. The one size fits all hats are to small does anyone know if any of the ones discused would fit me or am I going to have to build me one from scratch. I just measured my head with a ribbon tape measure it is right at  25in around.

Hondo Karr:
Tough to say. My larger 1:1 helmets (which are actually a tad larger than a typical 1:1) are about 9-10" deep from visor to back and 8.5-9" wide from ear to ear (those are interior measurements) with exterior dome circumferences of 28-29" and face lengths of 8-9". Those are pretty big. The two with indented cheeks, the cheek drops in about 1". I also have a couple smaller buckets, 1 a small end of 1:1 with deep cheeks and one abotu the size of a Rubies 2 piece. Those would likely be much too small for you.

From personal experience of owning their helmets, I can tell you that Saz's 1:1 Fett and 1:1 varient helmets are nice and big and roomy and would likely fit you and Gypsyboy's 1:1 Fett helmet is as well.

Jaiden Turr'n Verda in Floriada makes some cool and cost effective ABS vac formed helmet kits. I havent seen one in person but, Jaiden is a good sized cat and I know he built them to fit him. He could offer more details on their size but I would be inlcined based on an educated guess, to believe they would fit you.


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