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Armor Components / Re: Cyto's WIP
« Last post by CytoPlays on Today at 10:19 PM »
I'll take the heatgun and see if I can correct them that way first, I noticed that when the straps are cinched up they bottoms flare out. If I were a smart man, I would have put the straps near the bottom. Guessing velcro would be my best bet, unless it comically lifts my scrubs out  :laugh:.   Would you think it would look bad/make it too bad to approve if I were to add a small elastic strap towards the bottom?
Armor Components / Re: Cyto's WIP
« Last post by Kal Goorar on Today at 10:12 PM »
The first thing I noticed with the knees is that they are floating off of your leg towards the bottom. You'll probably want to use a second strap or use some velcro to hold that down.
Helmets / Re: Work in progress.
« Last post by MercOfSteel on Today at 10:09 PM »
Those look great, vod. Are you planning on dirtying them up?
Armor Components / Re: Cyto's WIP
« Last post by CytoPlays on Today at 09:56 PM »
Well, didn't have access to the greatest camera today (and kinda fudged my weathering...smeared my clearcoat and it rubbed some paint i had to go really heavy on extra weathering, so the green detail paint has essentially disappeared) but I did finish my cod piece, as well, my shnees have been cut/shaped/primed/chromed and await more painting tomorrow! after this, I'll need to buy my soft bits and a back plate, then just need my buy'ce. Gonna make some really simple westar blasters out of some scrap wood to get me through app, then gonna make a heavy revolver style blaster!    But alas, heres some new potato-cam pics for you to squint at!

Cod plate finished!  :D

Bottom of cod plate and a view at some weathering.

Close up of the ruined/improvised fix of the weathering. I like it more, looks far more beaten and subdued.  :rolleyes:

Cod plate with my big thigh plates. Gonna look like a juggernaut with the shnees and the plated boots when finished. Plus a long tattered kama and medium armour up top, I think it's going to look pretty kickshebs if I may be so bold!  :laugh:
Armor Planning / Re: Kyra Zem's New and Improved Armor
« Last post by Tek Sa'an on Today at 09:41 PM »
Holy crap! This is awesome! Everyone has cats in their pictures, it seems. I find this funny. :P
Armor Components / Re: WIP: Double Trouble
« Last post by Tyno Krast on Today at 09:40 PM »
That's smart. Take your time. Don't rush. Triple check everything.

If you want consecutive numbers I'm sure something can be worked out. 
Female Armor / Re: Another kit for Ven :)
« Last post by Vheh Zoller on Today at 09:35 PM »
I enjoy seeing your progress and I'm glad that we share back and forth on facespace lol
Armor Planning / Re: my first build! "wampa slaya"
« Last post by Ref Al'drann on Today at 09:30 PM »
I think that's a good plan! Lemonade out of lemons and all that :)

You'll catch on quick. There's lots of resources available as well as people who are eager to help. Good luck! Give us a shout if you need guidance. Looking forward to seeing this kit come together!
Armor Components / Re: WIP: Double Trouble
« Last post by Drako Katora on Today at 08:56 PM »
Got all my stuff fixed up but we decided it would be safest to extend our helmets down by an inch as our jaws are visible from some angles. I finished mine up yesterday and Svik's working on his. I also finished all my mods and got recommendation to submit after the helmet mods are done, painfully close bu the small details keep creeping up on us! That and we're being extra paranoid since we want consecutive numbers if at all possible haha
Helmets / Re: RF'S
« Last post by Drako Katora on Today at 08:53 PM »
Nice to see another 3D modelling Mando!
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