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Soft Parts / Re: Bowfanny Soft Parts wip
« Last post by Bowfanny on Today at 04:51 PM »
That's gorgeous, vod.  You sure know how to do your soft parts right!
Thanks Vod!
Here are the pouches after they have completely dried and sealed with leather sealer.

I'll be making a new buck to wet mould some pouches with a bigger opening here pretty soon so that I can make two sizes of pouches I've got enough leather to keep me quite happily in craft mode for some time now. I purchased two whole sides that are between 15 to 19 square feet each so I can make myself quite a bit of accessories for my kit. I'll update more as I start and finish more of them.
Helmets / Re: DIY helmet build!!
« Last post by Alex Fett on Today at 04:37 PM »
Well That was working but I just got a new resin helmet from a friend so I'll be deleting this post.
Weapons Armory / Kal'ska's Custom Blaster (pic heavy)
« Last post by Kalska Nubu on Today at 04:36 PM »
Su'cuy an.  I've been doing prop work over the years, from Halo to Terminator, for random fandom and theatre department alike, I've garnered some experience under my belt in that field.  So when I started on my besbe, I naturally gravitated to the accessories, especially the blasters.  They are especially good for me as I live on a ship and I have limited space to work on and store my besbe.  For now. . .  Anyways, here she is:

I started out with two Nerf single shot "holdout blasters."

I quickly figured out how the thing works, and dismantled the bottom half and took out the inner workings.

After that, I cut the very bottom of the charging handle to preserve them as well as I can, just in case I decide I don't have enough greebs.

Once that was done, I reassembled the bottom, and to my satisfaction, could possibly have been good and done once I destroyed any evidence it was a Nerf gun.

But, true to my nature, good wasn't good enough (when it comes to guns, that is).  I toyed with the idea of a longer barrel, and grabbed the first thing I saw that fit the bill.  It worked so well, in fact, I used every external part of the marker at first.

Some tape to hold it in place, as well as some spackle to start disguising what the thing really is, and it's started taking shape.

Last night at an armour party, someone offered me some of their bondo, and I applied that to the other for both comparative as well as story purposes.  As they are both custom Chadra-fan built blasters, they are essentially snowflakes that happen to look similar.  Photos to come for that one.  As it is, I like the bondo more because it adds some weight to the feather weight gun and it makes it feel more solid.
Armor Planning / Re: Renn Tel's 1st kit
« Last post by Carter on Today at 04:35 PM »
OK here's my thoughts on it....
First off Great Job!
Second, I'd move the Girthbelt up to cover the gap between ab plate and the top of the belt.
Third, I'd add either boot plates, or maybe spats in the same ivory as the cape, to help dring the pieces together a bit.
Fourth, I'd double check that back plate. I can't tell from the angles, but it looks like it gaps just below the arms and kinda floats.
Fifth, and the really important one, send me the Gun and the holster...Just an idea... :D

Other than that, keep up the good work.
It certainly seems like you're off to a great start! The colors and the pattern will look awesome as well! However, looking at the images from CW the plates (at least on the chest) seem very clean cut and sharp. Maybe just a little to clean for my taste, but the pepakura temps seem to have more rounded edges and shaping. I also like that this style of Mando doesn't have a Rangefinder. But I might be a little biased :P Looking forward to seeing your progress!
Weapons Armory / Re: first blaster
« Last post by Sulkon88 on Today at 03:09 PM »
Nice to see the advances made on your weapons vod. I need to find a place to get some greeblies to fill out my own weapons.
Armor Planning / Re: WIP: Industrial Scout
« Last post by Carid Vhett on Today at 03:05 PM »
Best to do all of the above. Looking forward to seeing progress.
Weapons Armory / Thinking of the DC-155
« Last post by Sulkon88 on Today at 03:00 PM »
Thinking of picking up the DC 15 carbine or the new Trooper Blaster from Rebels. Just curious if anyone had any experience modifying the hasbro model of the toy and maybe posting links of the builds involving them.

I already have some heavy blaster pistols but I've been looking for just one more to complement my arsenal and I didn't really want to do another scratch build.
Weapons Armory / Re: Malakier Vhett's Armory (WIP - Pic Heavy)
« Last post by Sulkon88 on Today at 02:41 PM »
I'm liking the idea and looks of these mods. Keep at it.
Equipment & Accessories / Re: Gauntlet Missile Scratch Build - WIP
« Last post by Sulkon88 on Today at 02:34 PM »
Looks like everything turned out really good. Nice work.
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