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Helmets / Re: Raptor's Bucket work
« Last post by Raptorgeddon on Today at 07:37 PM »
Ah, sorry didn't realise. Yeah, my one issue with the WoF template is that they're kinda vague when you have them all out flat, but as you start joining bits together it gets a little more recognisable what goes where. I may have messed up today and may have to reprint some parts and do some kludging of the kit to make it look right. Turns out I don't have any photo's of it so I'll have to take some tomorrow.
Armor Planning / Re: Jowic Armor WIP
« Last post by Jorad_Werde on Today at 07:36 PM »
One theoretical thing I am not understanding.  In modern times a uniform (body armor included) must be maintained.  It is stated many times a clean, maintained kit could save your life.  So why would that not include painting and repairing ones mandalorian armor?  I mean at the end of an "invasion", "war", or "contract" I could see as having a messed up kit.  But would not one want the dameage repaired asap?  I guess I have never liked the wore down battle scarred look.  Jango's Rig was pristine despite the fact that it had to have been damaged.  I've always thought that Boba would have had his maintained a bit better unless it was purposely done to get the Empires attention.  I have never watched the clone wars as I dont like what they tried to do to mandalorians (pacifists??? really???) travis's idea of mandos is much closer to my ideal.  (Even if it is a small clan)  But even the new Star Wars Rebels looks to have a mandalorian with clean maintained armor.

I don't know if it has really been formalized or discussed anywhere else, but my thoughts on this are as follows.  Part of me agrees with you, armor that is maintained well would logically provide you with better protection that armor that is busted up and well worn.  On the other hand, every scrape, scratch, ding, cut, dent, or burn is a chapter in a story.  I can't point to the large scrape on my left guantlet and say "that's where I blocked a light saber slash intended for my head." or I can point to the scratches on my helmet and say "that was one vicious bird...sheb tried to take my eye out."  The fact that the marks are there and your walking around is prof that you survived the encounter.... looks -censored- awesome and the 'audience' loves it so...why not make it look like you just walked through the spinning blades of a jet turbine before you trooped?
Armor Components / First build (hopeful about the results)
« Last post by lockon13 on Today at 07:29 PM »
Well I'm about maybe 50-60 percent done and im hoping to get some input from the forums so here are the finished plates

Helmets / Re: Raptor's Bucket work
« Last post by Jorad_Werde on Today at 07:28 PM »
The frame's just a form to make sure that the actual helmet's the right shape. I might keep it as part of the helmet and cut it out when I get to slapping the bondo on it.

I figured as much, I was just being sarcastic....they really should have a font for that.
Weapons Armory / Re: Dual Pistols
« Last post by Jorg Mereel on Today at 07:15 PM »
Dry brushed on silver paint.

Black on silver? Interesting, I usually do it the other way around. Great results, vod!
Armor Planning / Re: Vis' 1st WIP
« Last post by Vistaro Noveske on Today at 07:14 PM »
Yep, MP will be the direction I head.  As for now though, I have this for the flight suit and boots.  I plan on getting some spats to go with them.  The legs are a little baggy and the arms a tad short for my liking but no big deal as the gaunts will hide all that.  Armor will hopefully be here next week and then I can get started working on that.

Armor Planning / Re: Iota. Where I am now with this mando.
« Last post by Sl3nd3rMan99 on Today at 07:10 PM »

So I was working on the helmet last night, and while I was waiting for the plastic covering on the fiberglass after i sanded it down to the best of my abilities I decided to also work on the gun as i waited for the plastic to dry then the paint to dry and so on. Does it look good far? Also ik it kinda looks kinda not rounded on the top, it can go with his background of being ambushed by its own team. So I can make it work... Sorta.
Armor Planning / Re: Brokar Mizura's Wip ( just starting )
« Last post by darthmayhem on Today at 07:10 PM »
quick glance looks great
Gauntlets / Re: Trash Can Gauntlet WIP
« Last post by Sl3nd3rMan99 on Today at 07:00 PM »
Well I am going to do the whole velcro to suit method also, so in my opinion stick with the velcro.
Electronics / Re: Helmet Hud possible ?!?
« Last post by Reneth Justalari on Today at 06:50 PM »
The most well, closest thing that seems feasible (without selling a firstborn) project that's still in it's development phase is the NUVIZ Helmet HUD. I'm not sure how easy it would be to modify the device to provide simple functions like project bounty board listings and other simple stuff like. Wearable tech is unfortunately still in such an infantile stage and with not many options available to home builders and tinkerers yet since everyone and their nexu want to keep either their methods hush-hush or behind a wall of patents.  As Mandalore stated, something that's not just limited to your field of view that you can show off would be an interactive and fully functional Gauntlet.

This of course is just my two cents. I'd love to help out in any way possible if you all want to make this a reality.
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