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Helmets / Re: Wife's custom Night owl WIP.
« Last post by Reh'sif on Today at 03:09 PM »
It was a ten foot section of 4 inch wide pipe. Picked it up at Home depot.
Armor Components / How do YOU handle paint chipping?
« Last post by ilion on Today at 02:55 PM »
Hey everyone.  First day of wearing my kit around and I was curious what everyone's tricks are for keeping their paint from chipping?  Do you use sealer?  If so, how do you keep the parts of your armor that you want to stay shiny or dull shiny and dull?  Does sealer actually keep the armor from getting horrible scrapes down to the sintra? or do you use some other technique? 

Mandalorian Mercs Costume Gallery / Re: ilion's Kit!
« Last post by ilion on Today at 02:50 PM »
Thanks vod!

Mandalorian Mercs Costume Gallery / Re: ilion's Kit!
« Last post by DarthWyyrlok on Today at 02:48 PM »



Dang, ner vod. That is awesome.
Armor Components / Re: Bowfanny's Armor WIP
« Last post by Bowfanny on Today at 02:32 PM »
Sooo today in an attempt to finish my kit to try to wear for Halloween I was not successful lol but I was successful in getting my left leg armor almost completely finished getting straps attached. I can see that Velcro is going to be a great thing to keep my knee plates in the correct place while the strap will be there to keep it tight-ish my shin armor and boot armor both have straps now as well. Here's the lower leg. I didn't take a pic of the knee as it kept slipping lol

I will be trying to get my suit slack taken up with various ways i may even drop the shin and boot armor for a set of long spats in a olive drab or another color that compliments my kit.
That has come out sweeter than sweet!  ;D
Armor Planning / Re: Template size
« Last post by Vorpan Kyr'am on Today at 02:14 PM »
Armor Planning / Re: Template size
« Last post by Carmarix on Today at 02:02 PM »
Do most of the mercs use stirine? Or all we all in beskar 'gam?  :P
Armor Components / Shayde's Mark 1 Armor - Need feedback
« Last post by ShaydeTV on Today at 02:01 PM »
I've been lurking, reading everyone's advice to everyone else, and after months have come this far.

Now I need your feedback. I know I have nothing done below the waist nor do I have bracers/gauntlets. But I just wanted to get your take on what I have done so far before I start hacking on the rest. My eventual goal is to apply for membership, so if you see any outright disqualifiers give me a heads up too.

I'm looking for both positive and critical feedback. Where am I going right and where am I wandering off into the sarlacc pit?

Will add more pix when I get more taken. That was a quickie.

Thanks, and good hunting.
Helmets / Re: Bucket Build for Casting - WIP
« Last post by MercOfSteel on Today at 01:52 PM »
So I'm going for an assassin mando and while trying to get weapons worked on, I was thinking about my beskad (it's in the pic post, but here it is again).

I'm going to do a fishbone wrap with paracord around the handle, but had a thought. Although my mando isn't a force hunter, would it be ok if he had a padowan braid hanging from his beskad as a trophy from one of his contract kills? He doesn't typically hunt Jedi or Sith, but I can't imagine any Mando Assassin turning down the chance to off a padowan.

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