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Weapons Armory / Re: loophole in the no lightsaber policy?
« Last post by JR on Today at 07:10 PM »
The whole reason for the no light-saber policy is because many people in the General Public know what a Jedi and Sith is, but not a Mando. Most of them have not even seen the Clone Wars, just the movies. The names Boba and Jango may be familiar to them, but they don't know much about them besides they were bounty hunters. Most of the General Public has no idea what a chest diamond or Taung skull is.

The Mando Mercs has many missions:
1. Charity Work
2. Having fun
3. Spreading the "Mando Culture"

We do this by sticking together while trying to stand out from the other groups. Ref Al'drann is dead on, if you carry any blade that lights up, you will be mistaken for a Jedi or Sith. There is nothing wrong with being either one, but when you mix one of those cultures with the Mando culture, then you are unintentionally hampering our efforts to educate the General Public. You know the differences, I know the differences, but John Q. Public and his 8 year old son does not. I'm not saying not to do it on you own, what ever you do on your own is your own business, and I could not care less. But when trooping, we have to be careful not to confuse the public any more than they are already confused. I have heard about even people at conventions thinking all Mandalorians are evil, Sith, or other similar misconceptions. Until Lucas Films / Disney decides to give the Mandalorians their time in the spotlight, we have to be careful not to confuse people even more.
Helmets / Re: Stilgar's mando helm
« Last post by stilgarhammer on Today at 06:44 PM »
Been playing around with ideas for the back detail. The small fan in the first pic is bad and non working, just for looks.  :rolleyes:

Here is the large heatsink I will be using for my cooling system. It uses a Peltier cooling device.

Helmets / Re: Custom helmet build (now 2 WIPs)
« Last post by Carid Vhett on Today at 06:41 PM »
Nice helmet.
Helmets / Re: My Helmet, the Mark V (WIP)
« Last post by Sulkon88 on Today at 06:40 PM »
Nice I'll have to look into that. For now I think I have a earpiece from some old headset that was being taken care of at work. I was shocked they'd just throw out stuff and quickly grabbed a bunch of random pieces to work with for my helmet.
Equipment & Accessories / Re: my version of a vibro knife
« Last post by Rotten73 on Today at 06:39 PM »
Looks good! ;-)
Armor Planning / Re: Field medic W.I.P
« Last post by Avidem on Today at 06:38 PM »
I'm not sure if it would translate well doing both with the greens.
Armor Planning / Re: Shev'Dela kit build
« Last post by Thaxos on Today at 06:35 PM »
Missed you guys at SDCC :(
Helmets / Re: My Helmet, the Mark V (WIP)
« Last post by Ciryc Cuyan on Today at 06:31 PM »
Thank you. I know its still premature but I'm definitely looking forward to the next steps. Still looking into some potential modifications or a range finder.

mods are always fun good luck little thing i learned...disposable car air fresheners are great touches....i like to think i started that on helmets haha
Getting more time today to work on the helmet. Put some bondo patches on some areas and then I'm hoping to cut out the 'V' on the right cheek plate and maybe make some lines that make it look a bit more starwarsy. But the main focus will be cutting out some of the inside so that it can fit comfortably >_<.
 thanks i will post some photos later if i get a chance
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