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I like the look of that Kris! Which colour visor will you be using?

Plain black welding visor. And this may be subject to change:- blue round the visor, cheeks and dome black with a copper pattern (whatever pattern I use it will be going on my torso armour too)
I like the look of that Kris! Which colour visor will you be using?
Weapons Armory / Re: Churhee's Riflemen Rifle
« Last post by pisic25 on Today at 02:59 PM »
More progress
Open to suggestions

Cod plate is painted. It will be attached so that I can wear the cod and loin together or just one of them

And helmet is nearly there. Outside is complete barring finishing the paint job.
Inside has most of the padding attached so it doesn't catch on the lekku. Just the strapping round the back to go (and then start making more plates to extend down the lekku... but I'm not thinking about that right now)

Legacy Era Mandalorians / Re: Jango Nova's Legacy
« Last post by Vhett Naast on Today at 02:47 PM »
Pretty much this is about the extent of the grime im going to put on my kit, going for the trench warfare look lol

I'd say mission accomplished, nice work!

I really like the corroding build up you've got on the plates, how did you get it like that?
Legacy Era Mandalorians / Re: Demors new legacy build.
« Last post by Ohl'd Vart on Today at 02:42 PM »
Looking good so far!  :)

Legacy Era Mandalorians / Demors new legacy build.
« Last post by Demor Kodiko on Today at 02:40 PM »
Well here we go. Im using walmart buckets to construct. have the torso more or less built just have the collar to do.

im gonna cut a bigger diamond and put it above the plate.


back plate is made from some sintra i had laying around. still have alot to work out, but i think this is a good start for now. i will post pics of it attatched as soon as i figure out how i am gonna do it.
Female Armor / Re: Evaar'la's WIP -- Updated 03/26/15
« Last post by Jay Krayt on Today at 02:39 PM »
Really like the layered weathering you've done. You've done a fantastic job on those chest plates!
Female Armor / Re: Mal's First WIP
« Last post by Jay Krayt on Today at 02:37 PM »
You've pulled off the look of subtle weathering very well!
Weapons Armory / Re: Verpine
« Last post by Demor Kodiko on Today at 02:31 PM »
well there is a slight problem with producing these, and that is that i am unemployed at the time............ and gathering materials and being able to ship is a problem. though i will say that it only took me about 3 days to really get to this point. though i have named them.... salvation and damnation
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