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Armor Planning / Re: The Infamous Bar (Cantina) Fighter (pic heavy)
« Last post by Kavryn on Today at 11:05 PM »
Stang, that helmet's pretty.  Will be watching with interest  ;D
There was a girl at Dragon Con who had a rockin' Shae Vizla costume.

Armor Planning / Re: OriVod WIP
« Last post by OriVod Falco on Today at 10:35 PM »
Wow, thanks everyone!  ;D

Your kit looks fantastic! That's a very intricate design, how did you manage to do all the detail work?

I LOVE all the gold detailing on your armor....did you hand embroider your loincloth?

The detail work was a bit of a process. The kama, stomach and helmet design were inspired by the embroidery pattern found in Queen Amidala's red gown (Wookiepedia just calls it Regal Gown). Then I drew the patterns onto graph paper and, using transfer paper, traced it onto the pieces I wanted it on. Then I got a fine point gold paint pen and followed the pattern. Except with the kama, I hand-stitched the design onto the cloth with gold thread (that was very fond of unravelling).  ;D
I'll consider the back plate

The boobs definitely prevent me from cross drawing  :laugh:
Helmets / Re: Yorick Helmet WIP
« Last post by Yorick on Today at 10:28 PM »
Update! Ive been busy and haven't gotten as much work as I would like done, but I've pretty much fininshed the paint job on the main body of the helmet!

Now I need to remove masking when the paint has finished drying (probably later tonight) and when eveything else is finished I'll be adding a blackwash for grime (waiting so it stays consistent)
Weapons Armory / Re: Weapons build completed.
« Last post by Zohar Nef on Today at 09:51 PM »
Good work on the rifle, but the body needs a few more greebles.  The pistol is still a bit to go as it need a bit more to pull it away for the paintball gun look.  Possible loose the trigger guard.  just some suggestions.
Thank you for the suggestions all. At the moment I'm planning on following through with the strapping and Velcro because it is working. I plan on improving everything constantly so no doubt if there is a better more appealing way to achieve the fit I want i will find it.
Equipment & Accessories / Re: prop shop info
« Last post by Erio J'uni on Today at 09:12 PM »
Head Shot Props is one of the best suppliers we have as Mercs.  Formerly Skirata Arms they had a lot of great and exclusive designs that are still highly sought after.  Most of their designs from Skirata Arms are now available from other suppliers but Head Shot Props still offers great buckets.  If you choose to go with them, I'm sure you'll be more than happy with your bucket.
Slow if you want more work time, fast if you are impatient.
quote author=Sgtmac link=topic=81440.msg1225907#msg1225907 date=1410829244]
Howdy one and all, this is my first Foray into large scale modeling as I will call it.  Having been a fan of the white armor, and blasters since I first saw them as a child, Now that im a talented child it is time to make it happen.  I See where many people are doing the movie E-11 blasters.  And that there really is a wide range of opinions on whats the canon blaster or not(some of the forums are humorus as hell).  So im shooting for something thats known by sight, but will look a bit different.  My concept is to take the 1.5 inch plans build a base frame, with slightly different power well, power pack, scope, grips(so that i can use toys for light sound effects) folding workable stock.  I also tried to keep the needed parts list to a trip to Lowes(any hardware store) here in the US.

Since this is an attempt to do this at mostly a cheap budget im keeping needed tools to a minimum.  flat philps screw driver, exacto knife, a file, hacksaw, dremel(4 various bits, hot glue, bondo, and sandpaper.  parts for my builds will be from mostly plumbing nad electrical, 14 gauge wire, and choice of toy gun for light sound. 

The 2 builds, will be almost identical the main difference is what bits I use for scopes, the stock choice.  to describe the finished product im hoping for, the
E-11L is the standard blastech E-11 with new heating coils(not fins, no T track or similar found locally) The mag well is made from plasticard doubled over(for sale/no parking signs), the mags are made from conduit(held in place by magnets) a plastic pipe fittings for scope, and barrel tip, inner barrel with washers for spacing, working bolt with hand wound spring, folding stock made from plasticard and heat gun use(wasnt till after I figured out how to make it without heat gun).
The E-11R will be identical down except for the stock, which will be from the toy I use as the light and sound parts.  As mentioned before the grips will not be standard sterling grips, as the toy parts usually have the battery box in the handle, so I will need that, and trigger housing plus lights wires vibration motor etc...

Crusader/Neo Crusader Armor / Re: Bone and iron mask WIP
« Last post by Goochba on Today at 08:21 PM »
Hey guys was thinking about adding his metal piece above my eyes to give it an agrresive look. Just wondering if it looks like to much or if I should go with it. I get my lower jaw bones soon to add to the bottom of my mask..

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