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Helmets / Re: Helmet Progress
« Last post by Dresdon Acacin on Today at 08:46 PM »
Its definetly getting better; but I'd reccomend using more normal bondo but only a bit applied specifically to the areas with the pockmarks, then you'll want to use something sturdier than sandpaper sheets to get your contours on the face and crest, a metal file with the wide hatching(the grooves) would work pretty well, or a palm sander a lot of people say but I personally find sanding by hand gets a lot more accomplished.
Armor Planning / Re: Heavy Assault WIP
« Last post by Svik Katora on Today at 08:46 PM »
Looks good vod.
Armor Planning / Re: Heavy Assault WIP
« Last post by Rogue Sub on Today at 08:43 PM »

Base coated glove armor

Painted other thigh plate.  Didn't do words as it was going to be a butt load of work and it felt a bit war hammer space marineish.

Base colors down

All dirtied up.

Weapons Armory / Re: Electrostaff ~Finished~
« Last post by Ally93 on Today at 08:40 PM »
Great job vod!!!! I really like it!!!!

:D thank you very much
Armor Components / Re: Algae's WIP
« Last post by Kris Jasra on Today at 08:37 PM »
Top hats must be of suitable taper, preferably just off perpendicular, curl of the brim must not exceed further than 90 degrees or 2 inches. Recommended complimentary accessories include armouring of the hat. Matching parasols will most likely increase the chances of the top hat passing the application process. ;)

Only a true gentleman of fitting kit standards may attempt the multiple hat combination. As shown in the following reference image. Clearly of two Mandalorians of good stature in civilian clothing :P

(Armour's also looking good)
Helmets / Re: Late Crusader Helmet
« Last post by Shinobi Josh on Today at 08:36 PM »
I love it. Very good work!
Armor Components / Re: Lower Armor Attachment?
« Last post by Kris Jasra on Today at 08:29 PM »
I have belt loops sewn onto my flightsuit, this stops the belt put through it from slipping. Everything is then attached to the belt via snaps so that I can switch things out is necessary. I have my cod, gun holsters and thighs all attached to it.

My holsters and my thighs both have round the leg straps just to avoid flapping around, and my thighs also have a small patch of velcro just to be triply safe.

My knees are attached via elastic and a patch of velcro so they stay put. If you cant colour match the velcro - you could run it on the inside of the flightsuit.

Shins I currently have on with tactical type strapping, however I'm looking to switch that out myself to having the shin armour directly attached to a boot.
Armor Components / Re: My first build, looking for advice
« Last post by Dresdon Acacin on Today at 08:19 PM »
Keep at it vod: it will be so much better to have persevered and accomplished something that drove you insane trying to figure out than to jsut start over.
Weapons Armory / Re: Electrostaff ~Finished~
« Last post by felipe5083 on Today at 08:18 PM »
Great job vod!!!! I really like it!!!!
Looking awesome vod!!! Can't wait to see the results. :)
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