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Armor Planning / Re: Vanlande Cin Vhetin: The Raven's New Kit
« Last post by DarthGriffin on Today at 10:26 PM »
That cape is breathtaking Vod! I am really curious about the process of painting you do. What paints you use and how you get such crisp lines? Stencil maybe?
Legacy Era Mandalorians / Re: Ghostwalker - ReBuild (new pics p.13)
« Last post by Bowfanny on Today at 10:25 PM »
Very nice! Although now I want to call you Raphael! Lol
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. More updates on the battle with spacing, now with better pictures thanks to a tripod for my camera:

I think this looks much better! Might could use a little touching up here and there (especially on/around the chest diamond) but overall I think it's a vast improvement. Changes I made include taking about 1/8" off around the chest diamon, about 1/16th of the diamond itself, a total of approx 1/2" off the top inside edge of the chest plates (where they meet), approx 3/16th" off the bottom inside edge, 1/8" off the outside (over my shoulder) of both chest plates, and collar plate, reshaped my collar plate slightly, and took approx 3/8" off the sides of the middle portion of my ab plate. Also reshaped my shoulders a bit (they can use a bit more reshaping, but they're way better).

Left shoulder and collar finished! Definitely helps with the bobble head look. Really like how this turned out. Now I just have to replicate it.

Back view of shoulder plate. Might need to do some shaping where it goes over the back plate, but I need to do some slight reshaping on my back plate first

Major tasks left on my upper body armor:
- finish the collar armor
- reshape the back plate a bit so it hugs my back better (the right side is much worse then the left)

Vest is being sent off for a couple days to get velcro sewn on (my sewing machine won't sew anything that heavy),  I'll be working on my cooling system, weapons, and lower body until I get it back. And possibly tweaking my back plate (vest makes a difference in fit, but not enough that I absolutely have to have it for the changes I need to make)
Weapons Armory / Re: Weapons build updated 11/14/14
« Last post by Midnightsaint on Today at 10:12 PM »
Made some mods to the rifle.

Power transfer tubes

Boom stick

Helmets / Re: Skyarrows bucket builds
« Last post by skyarrow on Today at 09:48 PM »
Still making progress! :) i am still figuring out the proper length im going for about 2 fingers below the chin :) i still have about 3/4 to remove

Slowy getting there once the height is figured out il screw it on and start on the cheeks ;) and front T

How did you craft the stock?

There's a 1/2 pvc pipe core. A bit of heat and a lot of patience. The shell is 3mm sintra. After sandwiching the pvc with two pieces of sintra, I cut strips to cover the outside. A good bit of sanding and some Bondo spot filler.

I did bevel the ends of each outer piece for a better fit.
Armor Planning / Re: Kal Shev'la WIP (PIC Heavy)
« Last post by MercOfSteel on Today at 08:58 PM »
Started Rub 'n Buff application tonight. Work is getting really busy, so not much progress is being made, but a little bit of visual progress is good enough for me.

Jetpacks/Backpacks / Re: Clone Backpack
« Last post by skillet-the-creeper on Today at 08:50 PM »
This, is freaking awesome! solves my con merch problem and my grenade carrying problem! Can't wait to get the pep file and start on it!
Armor Planning / Re: Navarre's New Build
« Last post by navarre1095 on Today at 08:39 PM »
Progress so far...

I got all 3 pieces from this.

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