Costume Requirements

Before filling out this application, please make sure that you are first a member of our forum. If you do not already have an account, please register for one HERE. You will be asked to provide your forum screen name in the application below. Please have it handy. Please continue below.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS regarding the approval process, standards, or if you would like to know if your armor is "ready to approve" before sending in your application, please feel free to send a PM to any of the council staff listed below.

If you are applying with a Boba Fett, Jango Fett, Jaster Mereel, or Jodo Kast set of armor you will need to have your armor up to par with the standards required by other costuming groups that officially accept that set of armor. For more information on what those standards are, please see this note on the forums.

Below is the costume standards and application form that is required to be filled out to become an "official member" of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. Please note that we request that your costume is of the highest quality you can muster. We request that your armor is neatly placed and your soft parts are properly fitted. Please make sure to take clear photos of each required position.

Please select one of the images below for the era you are applying for.


Costume Fitting Tips and Tricks:
Please make sure to first read the specific requirements for the era of costume you are submitting. Below are some additional tips and tricks that are HIGHLY recommended in order to properly fit and wear your armor for your application photos. The overall look and quality of the costume is one of the most important parts. Making sure that parts are properly aligned and fitted correctly may mean the difference between approval and denial.

Have your armor properly spaced. General ruling is to have at least a "thumbspace" between each plate. Have your armor properly sized. Armor should cover most of your chest and should follow the spacing guidelines. Armor should not jut out over your arms when they are to your sides.
Have your armor properly aligned. It should not be sagging or crooked. Follow the spacing rules for chest armor. Make sure that leg armor is tightly secured. Have your flightsuit and flak vest properly fitted. Vest should hug the body to keep the armor on tight. Flight suit should have excess baggage tucked into belts, spats, or armor plates.
Make sure your photos have proper lighting. Best source is outdoor natural light. If photos need to be taken indoors, please make sure your flash is on. Make sure your photos are in focus and show your entire body from head to toe in frame.
Make sure that your boots aren't showing laces. Remember that Boba and Jango both had laceless boots. Your application WILL be denied due to laces not being covered with armor or spats. Make sure that if you have a smaller helmet, that you are wearing a balaclava to conceal your skin from peeking under the helmet.

Application Photo Requirements:
The following photo positions are required to complete your application to the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. These photos are required so that our council team can make sure your armor is up to the quality standards that we request. If you do not already have these photos taken, please take the time now to suit up and properly fit your costume and take the following photos. Please make sure photos are at least 640x480 resolution and are no larger than 1MB in file size each.

Front Back Left Side Right Side Helmet Off Weapon

**As always, any costume must meet socially accepted standards of good taste and modesty.**

Questions and pre-screenings can be done by PMing or emailing Council Members or your local Clan Alor'ad. If you have an item you are questioning, then ask before you submit your application.

Crossover Mandalorians:
Crossover Mandalorians, those that are an obvious cross between Star Wars and another license such as HALO, Battlestar Galactica etc. are not permitted. Armor and weapons from other licenses may be used. However, they must be so modified as to no longer be recognized as their original license.

Theme Mandalorians:
Theme Mandalorians, those that are an intentional fusion or advertisement of another license such as a Superhero, Sports Team etc. are not permitted. These sets may be used a secondary set of armor and my be worn at unofficial/public/open events only such as conventions. They may also be used at Official events where Star Wars and the other specific license are both being showcased together. Examples would be Star Wars Day at the New Orleans Saints Gameday. Where a costume of Star Wars type in the teams uniform design would be appropriate and appreciated by the fans.

Nerf Weaponry:
Nerf guns are readily available and have become a staple for Mercs costumers to use, but have become much more popular in the mainstream and have lost their uniqueness and "Star Wars-ness". We do strongly recommend that new applicants refrain from the use of Nerf weaponry without significant modification.

Grandfather Clause:
As of January 1st, 2010 the "grandfather clause" has been removed. Any current accepted Mercs members will be required to adhere to these guidelines. Current members have 6 months (June 1st, 2010) to make any changes necessary to their armor to meet the guidelines listed above. Failure to do so will result in an inactive status.

We, the council at Mercs, felt this action was necessary and fair to all members as standards have been modified and tightened over the past few years.

Age Requirements:
As of January 1st, 2010, in order to submit an application for membership, you MUST be 18 years or older.

Legal guardians and parents who are official Mercs members may submit an application for their under 18 child. This ruling is to ensure the safety of minors at events, conventions, etc at all times. Parent Mercs will be required to attend any event that their child attends.

Overall Quality of Costume:
As well as checking that your costume meets or exceeds the requirements listed in the aforementioned pages, you should also make sure that your costume is worn in the best quality way possible. While a costume may meet the requirments for admission, if it is put on sloppy or made with materials that do not look like they came from the Star Wars universe, then your application may get dinged for changes. An application costume can meet requirments but can be denied base on overall quality or look. Please make sure you inspect your costume fully before taking your application photos.

Admission Process
  1. The person applying for official membership MUST be the person filling out the application (execpt in cases of Verd'ika applicants).
  2. Fully read and complete fitting guidlines, costume standards, and application
  3. Submission of costume pictures. Pictures must include front view, back view, left and right side view, close-up of helmet, and helmet-off shots. Any other pictures you wish to submit are appreciated!
  4. Application will be sent off to Mercs Council
  5. Discussion and voting by Cuy’val Dar Council members.
  6. Acceptance, Probationary acceptance with suggestion of improvements, or Denial.
  7. In some rare cases, the council may ask for a shot of your bucket next to a piece of paper with the Mercs logo just to verify actual ownership of the armor.
  8. Approval process may take up to 7-10 days depending on availability of the staff for voting and discussion.



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