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What is a Mercs Clan?

In the Mandalorian Mercs, a 'Clan' refers to a localized group of members that regularly attend events in the same area. Often times, this is set to cover state/province borders, and in some cases may encompass an entire country. Clans are the backbone of the club, and provide a local family for our members to regularly interact with and often offer up their knowledge to help new members learn how to make their own suit of armor.


How can I find my local clan?

Using this page, you should be able to find your local clan. Click the link provided for your local clan to visit their forum board and introduce yourself!

We have clans in many areas, but you may find that there is currently no clan in your region. if that is the case, follow the link to the region board, and see if there are any other forum members in your region.


Do I have to join my local clan?

No. You aren't required to join a Clan just because it is in your area. We do, however, highly encourage it, as your local members are an invaluable resource. You'll get much further, much faster, by connecting with local members and learning from them.


What if I don't have a local Clan? Can I join the Freelancers Guild?

The Freelancers Guild is a Guild for those Mandalorian's who don't have a clan in their local region to call their own. As the slogan of the Freelancers, Dar Solus (Not Alone), means that no Mandalorian gets left behind. We are all part of one, part of the group, and part of the Mandalorian Mercs! In the spirit of the bounty hunters of Star Wars, the Freelancers Guild is consider a loose confederation of those lacking clan status, much like the Bounty Hunters Guild in Star Wars. Since no member of the Guild has a home clan of their own, they can come here to gather with other members in the same situation to form at least a basic clan structure with representation to the Clan Round table, and a voice in leadership for the betterment of the club.


Can I make my own Clan?

Possibly. If you are the first members in your area, you'll need to have three Official Members to create a squad. To create a full Clan, you'll need five. For more thorough information, please see the Mercs Codex section on Clans.

View the Codex.


Who is the Clan Administration Officer?

Currently, Kaden'dha Runi serves as our Clan Admin. He is responsible for helping new clans come together, and helps solve other clan-related issues. If you have any questions about clans in general, please direct them to him. If you have a question for your local clan, however, please contact them directly.

Send Kaden a Message


Clan Officers: Don't see your clan? Is our information wrong?

Please contact Thaxos to see that it is fixed promptly!



            Besuliik Clan



     Buurenaar Verda Clan




         Naast Clan



            Talon Clan

          North Carolina


           Veshok Clan

              MS / LA







   Black Mountain Guard Squad   

             West Virginia


         Blue Moon Clan






              Falco Clan

           New York State





           Firaxan Clan

            CT, MA, RI




         Firestorm Clan






         Kyrimorut Clan







         Mav Oya'la Clan







            Rancor Clan







         Raquordaan Clan

             New Jersey




        Suumpir'ade Clan






          Taakure Clan






            Wampa Clan





           Arqet Clan

          South Texas





        Getal Vheh Sqaud





          Murraan Clan

          North Texas




       Shonare Vhekadla




         Vherang Clan

        El Paso, Texas








          Cerar Clan

     Colorado / Wyoming


           Krayt Clan




         Netra Vhipir Clan



           Nexu Clan



      Vhett Manda Clan



         Yustapir Clan









        Oyu'baat Clan

     North/South Dakota


         Five-O Squad



      Haran'galaar Clan

        San Diego, CA


     Manda'galaar Clan

       Los Angeles, CA



        Oceanhawks Clan



           Seron Clan




          SE California


           Teren Clan

         Cen/North CA


        Vornskr Squad





     Gaht Kyrbes Clan

     Quebec, Canada



         Hett'ciri Clan

       Alberta, Canada




       Vhetin'Ade Clan

     Manitoba, Canada









     Oya'la Ca'tra Clan

   Saskatchewan, Canada




         BigFang Clan



       Vode'an Clan

     São Paulo, Brazil



       Diryc Vhetin Clan




         Jai'galaar Clan




          Orar Galaar Clan




         Ra-ruul Squad




        Red Fist Clan




         Twin Suns Squad



          Vok'chi Clan

       England / Wales



      Sandhawk Clan



     Freelancers Guild



Ever wonder who is in what clan?

We've added a new feature to help you find this out more easily! The Mercs forum has a custom profile field on every Official Member that indicates what clan they are a part of and this field is searchable. In order to locate members of a specific clan, you will need to hover over the Members button, select 'Search for Members' and on that page you will enter the specific name of the clan you wish to search for.


Due to the way the search function works, the clan keyword cannot contain any apostrophes. Please consult the following list of keywords for each clan/squad.                                                                                     

Keyword Clan/Squad name Region Keyword Clan/Squad name Region
Besuliik Bes'uliik Clan South East USA      BigFang BigFang Clan South America
Buurenaar Verda Buurenaar Verda Clan South East USA VodeAn Vode An Clan South America
Naast Naast Clan South East USA Diryc Vhetin Diryc Vhetin Clan Europe
Talon Talon Clan South East USA Jaigalaar Jai'galaar Clan Europe
Veshok Veshok Clan South East USA Orar Galaar  Orar Galaar Clan Europe
BMG Black Mountain Guard Squad North East USA Ra-ruul  Ra-ruul squad Europe
Blue Moon Blue Moon Clan North East USA Red Fist Red Fist Clan Europe
Falco Falco Clan North East USA Twin Suns Twin Suns Squad Europe
Firaxan Firaxan Clan North East USA VokChi  Vok'Chi Clan Europe
Firestorm Firestorm Clan North East USA Sandhawk Sandhawk Clan Australia
Kyrimorut Kyrimorut clan North East USA Freelancers Freelancer's Guild Worldwide
Mav Oyala Mav Oya'la Clan North East USA      
Rancor Rancor Clan North East USA      
Raquordaan Raquor'daan Clan North East USA      
Suumpirade Suumpir'ade Clan North East USA      
Taakure Taakure Clan North East USA      
Wampa Wampa Clan North East USA      
Arqet Arqet Clan South Central USA      
Getal Vheh Ge'tal Vheh Clan South Central USA      
Murraan Murraan Clan South Central USA      
Shonare Vhekadla Shonare Vhekadla Clan South Central USA      
Vherang Vhe'rang clan South Central USA      
Cerar Cerar Clan North Central USA      
Krayt Krayt Clan North Central USA      
Netra Vhipir Ne'tra Vhipir Clan North Central USA      
Nexu Nexu Clan North Central USA      
Vhett Manda Vhett Manda Clan North Central USA      
Yustapir Yustapir Clan North Central USA      
Oyubaat Oyu'baat Clan North Central USA      
Five-O Five-O Sqaud Western USA      
Harangalaar Haran'galaar Clan Western USA      
Mandagalaar Manda'galaar Clan Western USA      
Oceanhawks Oceanhawks Clan Western USA      
Seron  Seron Clan Western USA      
Skirata Skirata Clan Western USA      
Teren  Teren Clan Western USA      
Vornskr Vornskr Squad Western USA      
Gaht Kyrbes  Gaht Kyrbes Clan Canada      
Hettciri Hett'ciri Clan Canada      
Vhetinade Vhetin'ade Clan Canada      
Oyala Catra Oya'la Ca'tra Canada      




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