In 2010, Mandalorian Mercs instituded a program that allows Official Members to strive beyond just having an approved costume by joining one of several profession-based groups called "Brigades".  Each Brigade consists of a set of professions that require certain costume customizations to be recognized as a member of the profession and Brigade.  Brigade Requirement Lists (BRL's) are listed for each profession within the Brigade, and official members striving for Brigade membership must apply under these requirements.

Once you are accepted as a Brigade member, you will be issues a special Brigade Armor Sigil that can be applied to your armor, which will let everyone in Mercs know you have committed yourself to a Brigade.

Brigade membership is voluntary for Official Members, and you do not have to be part of a Brigade to be an Official Member.  However, Brigade membership is ONLY open to Official Members.



Offensive Division:

267th Rapid Assault:  RA is the Urban Assault wing of the Mandalorian Mercs.  Urban Assault to move swiftly through urban territory.. and Demolitions to knock holes in things that need it.

Shock Infantry:  Shock Infantry is the assault wing of Mercs, and is made up of members with Heavy armor and  Heavy weapons they are the front line assault troops.

Force Hunters: Force Hunters is the specialized wing of the Mercs designed to track down and deal with Force users, be they Jedi, Sith, or something inbetween.


Support Division:

Medical Corps:  Medical Corps is the medical and scientific wing of Mercs, and is made up of members with Field Medic, Doctor, and Scientist based Mandalorian armor costumes.

Special Operations:  Special Operations is the covert opts wing of Mercs, and is made up of members with Assassin, Sniper, and Recon based Mandalorian armor costumes.

Mobile Engineers:  Mobile Engineers is the techincal and support wing of Mercs, and is made up of members with Mechanic, Engineer, and Technical based Mandalorian armor costumes.

Beast Masters: Beast Masters is the specialized wing of the Mercs designed to handle and hunt down beasts from various planets, and is made up of members with Beast Tamer and Beast Hunter based Mandalorian armor costumes.


Canon Division:

Mandalorian Protectors:  Also known as the Mando Cabure. They were formed by former ARC Trooper Spar, as Two Hundred Twelve of the finest Mandalorian Warriors to ever exist.

True Mandalorians: Formed as a counter group to the Death Watch, they stressed high moral standards and strict following of the Supercommando Codex.

Death Watch:  Self proclaimed true decendants of the Mandalorian Warrior Culture. They idolized the violent, empire building ways of the past and dreamed of re-creating the ancient Mandalorian Empire.



Please see this page for the lists of requirements for each brigade.







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