The Order of Ori'ramikad was created for one purpose: To honor and celebrate the official members of the Mandalorian Mercs who distinguish themselves through their dedication to the organization, outstanding contributions, and inspirational ability. The name "Ori'ramikad" in Mando'a means "SuperCommando", and was reserved for Mandalorian Warriors that were considered to be the best of the best by their leader. The name is fitting for those members of Mercs who have motivated themselves above and beyond. 
Ian Lusk
February 2011
Solus Kyr
Thomas Boyer
March 2011 
Dar'kumn Vol
Kaleb Risner
April 2011 
Sh'Sou HolDa
Dallas Hollett
May 2011 
Tobias Creed
Scott Coellner
June 2011
Riv Serulius
Matt Zeher
July 2011 
Sean Thomson
August 2011 
Chase Ouimet
September 2011 
Remo Jadd
Chris Brown
October 2011
Ohl'd Vart
Rob Dawkins
November 2011 
Ason Ral'ka
January 2012 
Adennuur Mdej
Chris Townsend
February 2012 
Ratiin Adenn
Monika Krause
March 2012 
Tommy Sutton
April 2012 
Ulrik Kanteer
Anthony Johnson
May 2012 
Iviin'kyr Falco
David Ramsay
July 2012 
Jaiden Turr'n Verda
David White
August 2012 
Ori Cabur
Mike Neff
September 2012 
Kalaval Zil
Orlando Rincon Kalvin
October 2012 
Nagra Shysa
Christian Bochmann
November 2012 
Tassone Phoenix
Victoria Frias
January 2013 
Drak Fiurr Verda
John Galarza
February 2013 
Kaden'Dha Runi
Sal Attinello
March 2013 
Edwin Pratz
April 2013 
Niabi Vok'Chi
Ken Giles
May 2013 
Tracyn Ordo
Robert Skene
June 2013 
Ruusaan Ordo
Rosalind Bradshaw
Celebration Europe II 
Baelin Halon
Kevin Ward
July 2013 
Kell Ordo
Logan Bradshaw
August 2013 
Dar Kyram
Darryl Vincent
September 2013 
Amanda Anderson
October 2013 
Bubba D Fett
Robert Hennessy
November 2013 
Nicki Brown
January 2014 
Melissa Nell
February 2014 
Katie Giles
Celebration Europe II 
Solus Raam
Joe Knowlton
March 2014 
Danny Gonz
April 2014 
Matt Niehuis
May 2014 
Timothy Estep
June 2014 
Makris Brik
Karlo Navarro
July 2014 
Morut Naast
Seth Duncan
August 2014 
K'raam Xrati
Mark Hamilton
September 2014 
Vorpan Kyr'am
Holger Emrich
October 2014 
Regina Elizabeth
November 2014 
Naasad Tal
Chris Sharp
January 2015 
Jaing Garr
Chris Beyers
February 2015 
Marie Moinet
March 2015 

April 2015

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