Modern Era Guidelines

Mandalorian Mercs Costume Guidelines
Rev. 2013

The Mandalorian Mercs Council reserves the right to change these standards as they see fit. With each change, an announcement will be made via the forums.

Required Components for MODERN ERA COSTUME:
Modern Era armor includes styles from the prequels through the Legacy comics time period. Armor from sources within this time frame may be mixed and matched.

Individuals must have ALL required components before official membership will be granted. These requirements refer to those of the MODERN ERA Mandalorians otherwise known as "Supercommandos". Using a standard Mando helmet and/or standard Mando body armor most likely classifies you for this category.

    1. Helmet:
      • Full T-shaped visor dark enough to obscure the wearer's face. (Leaving the stock Rubie's/Don Post helmet visor in is not acceptable.)
      • Must LOOK like a Mandalorian helmet from the MODERN ERA.
      • No modified Hasbro CLONE HELMETS or modified clone helmets not already approved.  Only approved so far is the "Mando Commando" helmet.
      • Rubies 1 piece BOBA FETT helmets will no longer be accepted for use by the club. Existing Official Members with Rubies Boba Fett 1 piece helmets are exempt however, it is HIGHLY recommended that you upgrade as soon as possible.
      • Exception for Verd'ikas, judged on a per applicant basis. The reason for this exclusion is the helmet's quality is poor and the price is high. There are many more cost effective, better quality options available.
      • Hasbro Boba Fett helmet must reach minimum quality standards before it is accepted.
    2. Chest armor:
      • MUST be fitted and spaced correctly depending on armor/body type. Good rule of thumb, maximum spacing should equal no more than 1 inch between collar/chest/gut plates. No more than 1/2 inch between diamond and chest plates.
      • Must be of adequate size in proportion to your chest area. Chest plates should not exceed 1 inch beyond edge of collar maximum.
      • A chest "diamond" is not strictly required, but HIGHLY recommended, especially for canon style Fett armor or Legacy armor. Custom plates are recommended if you do not want a chest diamond. Other shapes are permissible as long as it compliments the armor.
      • Rivets used for attaching armor  must be painted to match armor.
    3. Body armor:
      • Knees and Cod are the minimum of lower armor required. Soft cod or Loincloth is acceptable,  As well as Shin/Knee combo plates (Shnees) being an acceptable variant for knees.
      • Pairs of armor like thighs, knees, shins, and boot are considered ONE piece as a set.
      • Cod piece or loin cloth is required. Either may be counted as ONE piece of armor below the waist. Soft cod armor may also be used as well as hard cod armor and loin cloths.  However soft cod armor must look "in universe" and be of high quality.  Examples would include Darth Vader and Biker Scout style soft armor.
      • Rivets used for attaching armor must be painted to match armor. 
    4. Sports Armor:
      • "Until further notice, ALL visible sports armor up to and including soccer shin guards and any combination sport or SWAT/Military/Occupational foot/shin/knee pads will not be accepted by any new applicants who wish to apply for Official Membership within the MMCC, unless used as plate carriers and are modified beyond the normal earthy appearance of the stock piece.  This also includes any of the above style padding used in Expanded Universe artwork by non-Mandalorian characters."
      • Plates should be sized correctly so that they are proportionate to your body size.
    5. Gauntlets:
      • Some form of armor or rigid covering on the lower arms (Gauntlets, hard bracers, or gloves).
      • Sports armor used must be highly modified to no longer look like sports armor.
      • Forearm coverings, with the exception of fabric wraps, are designed to give the appearance of heavy armory for protection and/or striking weapon and/or weapons platforms.
      • Forearms must be fully covered by one of the following:
        1. Full or half/bracer style hard shell gauntlets.
        2. Heavy leather bracers which wrap at least 3/4 of the way around the forearm.
          Laces are HIGHLY discouraged as a method to secure these types of bracers.
          Preferred methods would be belting or buckles.
        3. Materials such as vinyl, pleather, and thin leather or suede will NOT be acceptable as a use for forearm covering. Pleathers or vinyl COULD be made into strips for wraps but are unacceptable as bracers.
        4. Ren Fair bracers, Unmodified-Leather bracers, Reenactment bracers are no longer acceptbale; and if an individual wishes to become a beast master than the leather gauntlet will be permitted but only after being approved.
        5. Wraps will no longer be permitted to replace gauntlets unless used specifically for the "Montross" Mandalorian character, future canon characters with wraps for gauntlets, or Early Crusader armor kits.
      • Mounted Weapons Systems:
        • Mounted weapon systems must appear to be mounted to a piece of armor in a practical and functional way. Weapon systems that appear to be ‘just glued on’ will not be accepted. For example, Boba and Jango’s rockets are mounted onto a raised firing platform.
      • Greeblies:
        • ‘Naked’ circuit boards glued on to items as greeblies are no longer acceptable. If circuit boards are used as greeblies, they must be modified so that they fit the 70s tech aesthetic of the films. Any use of exposed circuit boards as greeblies will be highly scrutinized.
        • Greeblies made out of common items such as electronics components must be modified or used in such a way that they are not immediately recognizable. These components are still very much available for greeblie use as always, but creativity with modification and/or placement is suggested. We highly encourage the use of uncommon or obscure items as greeblies.
    6. Back covering:
      • Some form of back covering is required. (Backpack, back armor, air tank, cape, cloak, etc.)
        Must cover at least 2/3 the overall width and length of the back.
      • Back armor SHOULD be used as all canon references for Modern Era Mandalorians show back armor. However, if your Mandalorian wears a duster or other jacket or a cape that fully covers the back from shoulder to shoulder and neck to waist, the use of a backplate is not required. Backpacks and jetpacks are also acceptable in lieu of a back plate. However, the back covering must completely cover the back as to make it unknown that there is no backplate present.
      • Soft back coverings can be substituted for back armor pieces as long as they add to the overall look of the applicant's armor.
      • Full/half capes are acceptable as long as they cover the entire back area. (No armor vest should be showing.)
      • Soft/hard backpacks/packs are acceptable alternatives.
    7. Shoulder armor:
      • Are not required to be Fett style.
      • Must sit above the bicep muscle and cover the deltoid area.
      • The top edge of the plate can either be lined up with the shoulder seam or sit slightly above it.
      • Double plates are acceptable.
    8. Weapon:
      • At least one weapon of Star Wars-universe style (not Earthly-looking). Nerf and other similar toy weapons MUST have labels/logos removed and repainted.
      • Manufacturer screw holes MUST be filled and smoothed. They must also be modified so they no longer appear "straight out of the box". Meaning parts swapping, kit bashing, and the use of greeblies is required. Think "70's future tech".
      • Applicants must now provide 1 picture of their full weapon load-out when applying. Upload will be available on the application.

Acceptable armor material:
Sintra, Kydex, PVC, ABS, Styrene, Fiberglass, Metal, Fiberglassed/resined paper board. If unsure, please contact an Applicant Team member for clarification.

Acceptable armor attachment methods:
Velcro, Magnets, Snaps, Bolts, Rivets, Strapping (leather and nylon strapping may be exposed; elastic strapping must be concealed EXCEPT on knees, elbows, and "Boba Thongs" where they must be color matched to flight suit)

Unacceptable armor attachment methods:
Tape, Glue

Lightsabers: Lightsaber/darksaber hilts may be worn as trophies or tools. No full bladed lightsabers/darksabers may be carried unless your character is portraying an *in-canon* lightsaber/darksaber wielding mando (i.e., Bardan Jusik, Kad Skirata, Pre Viszla).

  1. Armor/flak vest:
    • Armor/flak vest must be worn under armor plates.
    • T-shirt vests are NOT acceptable as armor vests.
    • MOLLE/TAC and paintball style vests may still be used without any modification.
      However, the armor must be of a canon or custom style that COMPLETELY covers the vest.
    • Vests may be traditional Boba/Jango style or custom style. If you have a question about your vest, ask a council member.
    • Ensure vest is properly fitted/tailored for you. Baggy and over-sized vests are not acceptable. Zippers must be completely hidden from sight.
  2. Flight suit:
    • You must have a properly fitted/tailored flight suit or comparable under-armor clothing.
    • One or two piece flight suit designs are acceptable.
    • If using two separate pieces, they must give the illusion of a one piece flight suit by using the same color and material for each piece. (We should not be able to tell the difference).
    • With double sleeved flight suits, contrast of color is acceptable on the arms if the shorter sleeve matches the color of the flight suit.
    • If the flight suit collar does not fully cover the neck, a neck seal will be required. Neck seals can be separate pieces or built into the flight suit or vest. (We should not be able to see any visible skin showing between the flight suit and helmet from any angle.)
  3. Kamas, Loin Clothes, and Shemaghs:
    • Kamas are acceptable.
    • Loin cloths are an acceptable replacement for cod armor, or can be used in conjunction with cod armor and/or kama.
    • Loin cloths should be worn UNDER the belt or waist sash.
    • Shemaghs will fall under the quality clause and if the App team deems it takes away from the quality of the kit than the shemagh will be requested to be removed from the kit.
  4. Ammo belt and pouches:
    • You must have either an ammo/girth/holster belt or waist sash, or any combination of these four items.
    • No cell phone pouches on ammo belts for adult submissions.
    • A Girth Belt/Waist Sash MAY be a required addition depending on the need for coverage in the waist/girth area.
  5. Armor strapping:
    • External strapping must be of an in universe material, examples include but are not limited to tactical web belting and leather. Elastic strapping is generally unacceptable for external use (refer to the following exceptions). The preferred method for the use of elastic strapping is to conceal it within the flightsuit.
    • Elastic may be used for boot armor strapping, but must be of the high quality elastic and same color as the boot.
    • External elastic strapping may be used in the following manners:
      • On the knee's, elbows and Mando "thongs" only and dyed or painted to match the flightsuit as best as possible
      • If fully hidden from view by armor accessories such as kama's, ammo pouches, capes, holsters etc. It would be recommended to use a higher quality elastic rather than the inexpensive "sew in" type, in the event the coverage moves and it's exposed. It would also be best that it match the flightsuit in color or be colors that compliment the overall color palate of the costume.
  6. Gloves:  
    • Full fingered or fingerless gloves are acceptable.
    • Labels and brand names must be removed or covered.
  7. Boots:
    • Combat/Utility boots are considered the primary accepted boot for armor.
    • Labels and brand names should be removed or covered.
    • Shoe-laces MUST be covered with armor or some sort of boot/ankle spat.
    • High heels/stiletto female boots are not acceptable mandalorian armor attire. Platform, wedge, and chunky style heels are acceptable.

Suggested Components:
These items are not required, but are included as additional suggested costume components.
  1. Neck Seal (TK neck seals are acceptable also)
  2. Kama
  3. Pauldron (TK or Clone)
  4. Use of mythosaur skull (Jaing or Mercs) in armor design
  5. Leg/Hip pouches
  6. Military ditty bag
  7. Poncho
  8. Holster rigs
  9. Over coat/trench coat
  10. Armor weathering
  The DON’T List:
These items/concepts should NOT be used in your custom Mandalorian costume character.
  1. No soft armor/Halloween costumes/Mando pajamas
  2. No tennis shoes/sneakers
  3. No visible zippers or closures on flight suit or armor/flak vest.
  4. No jeans, t-shirts, sweat suits, etc. used as flight suits or armor/flak vests.
  5. No Jedi-Mandos or Sith-Mandos. “Force-adept” or “Force-sensitive” Mandos are acceptable.
  6. EVA foam is not an acceptable armor building material for the MMCC. EVA foam MAY be considered for use on parts such as "soft cods" and "soft" knees. It will be a suitable material to back plating on knees and such for comfort. Any EVA that is visible, ie. soft cods and soft knees, will be HIGHLY scrutinized. It is HIGHLY recommended that if you choose this route, you heavily incorporate the App Team in the WIP and apply any suggestions to increase the probability of acceptance.
  7. No "modern" or "common" off the shelf camo patterns may be used.  Camo patterns allowed must be uncommon, vintage, or in-universe and will be highly scrutinized during the application process.  Officially barred "off the shelf" camo patterns:  Woodland, Tiger Stripe, 3 Color Desert, MARPAT, Real Tree, Mossy Oak, ACU, Urban, 6 Color Desert, Swiss Alpineflague, and MultiCam.
  8. No contemporary technology unless hidden or cleverly disguised.  (Examples:  Exposed IPods, Iphones, Cell phones, Calculators, PDAs, or Palm devices)
  9. Schubiwon/Shubiwan armour is banned for use in the MMCC. This is solely to protect our members from what has been deemed within the costuming community as overpriced and subpar armour.

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