Neo-crusader Era Requirements

Mandalorian Mercs Costume Guidelines
Rev. 2013

The Mandalorian Mercs Council reserves the right to change these standards as they see fit. With each change, an announcement will be made via the forums.

Required Components for NEO-CRUSADER ERA COSTUME:
Individuals must have ALL required components before official membership will be granted. These requirements refer to those of the NEO-CRUSADER ERA Mandalorians. Standard Mando helmets and body armor WILL NOT classify you for this category. All armor must have "Neo-Crusader Era" look to it, reference pics are available in the KOTOR comics and game and on the forum. Only armor colors of yellow/gold, red, green and blue are accepted, no others are accepted at this time

This is the most standardized era of Mandalorian culture and it should be reflected in the applicant's submission. Due to the Expanded Universe (EU) defined structure, we would ask for no specialization seen outside of known EU artwork. Although some variation is seen in comic art, it is generally species specific. Applicants armor should follow the types shown worn by human species as closely as possible. If the applicant is applying as another species, it should be reflected in the character as well as the costume to justify the non standard appearance.

  1. Helmet:
    • Full helmet of Neo-Crusader style is required.
    • Helmet should have a hard face plate and a hard helmet, the helmet should be covered by a same color cowl extending to the neck with the face plate exposed. The cowl should be of a soft material that allows for flexation and head turning. Please try to either exactly duplicate, or heavily base your helmet design after those in the reference pics.
    • Helmets may be adorned with items such as macrobinoculars, lights, antennae, and visors.
    • Masks are NOT acceptable for this era.
    • Hard shell/cowl helmets, such as repainted Royal Guard helmets, will NOT be accpetable for Neo Crusader usage.
  2. Chest/body armor:
    • Modern-era chest armor is NOT acceptable for this era.
    • MUST be fitted and spaced correctly depending on armor/body type.
    • Single piece chest armor required.
    • Groin must have hard or padded armor covering.
    • Use of thigh armor is highly recommended, but not required.
    • Use of shin armor is required.
    • Full enclosure leg armor is reccommended, but not required.
    • Boot armor is reccommended, but not required.
    • Rivets used to attach armor must be painted to match armor.
  3. Gauntlets/arm coverings:
    • Full enclosure gauntlets required.
    • Gauntlets with weapons are recommended for this era.
    • Hand armor is recommended, but not required.
    • Modern era gauntlets are NOT acceptable.
    • Mounted Weapons Systems:
      • Mounted weapon systems must appear to be mounted to a piece of armor in a practical and functional way. Weapon systems that appear to be ‘just glued on’ will not be accepted. For example, Boba and Jango’s rockets are mounted onto a raised firing platform.
    • Greeblies:
      • ‘Naked’ circuit boards glued on to items as greeblies are no longer acceptable. If circuit boards are used as greeblies, they must be modified so that they fit the 70s tech aesthetic of the films. Any use of exposed circuit boards as greeblies will be highly scrutinized.
      • Greeblies made out of common items such as electronics components must be modified or used in such a way that they are not immediately recognizable. These components are still very much available for greeblie use as always, but creativity with modification and/or placement is suggested. We highly encourage the use of uncommon or obscure items as greeblies.
  4. Back covering:
    • Single piece back armor is required. (Backpack, back armor, air tank, cape, cloak, etc.) Must cover at least 2/3 the overall width and length of the back.
    • Jetpacks are acceptable in this era.
    • Modern era "Boba/Jango style" jetpacks are NOT acceptable.
  5. Shoulder armor:
    • Use of shoulder armor is required. Many designs are acceptable.
  6. Weapons:
    • At least one weapon of neo-crusader style (not modern-looking).
    • Ancient melee weapons and ancient style blasters are acceptable.
    • Late/crusader era weapons are acceptable.
    • Modern era weapons are NOT acceptable.

Acceptable armor material:
Sintra, Kydex, PVC, ABS, Styrene, Fiberglass, Metal, Fiberglassed/resined paper board, Leather

Acceptable armor attachment methods:
Velcro, Magnets, Snaps, Bolts, Rivets, Strapping

Unacceptable armor attachment methods:
Tape, Glue

Lightsabers: Lightsaber/darksaber hilts may be worn as trophies or tools. No full bladed lightsabers/darksabers may be carried unless your character is portraying an *in-canon* lightsaber/darksaber wielding mando (i.e., Bardan Jusik, Kad Skirata, Pre Viszla).

  1. Armor/flak vest:
    • NOT a required element in this era. Armor can be attached directly to the flight suit or strapped onto body.
    • T-shirt vests are NOT acceptable as armor vests.
    • Ensure vest is properly fitted/tailored for you. Baggy and over-sized vests are NOT acceptable.
  2. Flight suit:
    • You must have a properly fitted/tailored flight suit.
    • One or two piece flight suit designs are acceptable.
    • If using two separate pieces, they must give the illusion of a one piece flight suit by using the same color and material for each piece. (We should not be able to tell the difference.)
    • A fully "sealed" flight suit is required for this era. Fingerless gloves and sleeveless or bare arms are NOT acceptable.
    • Form fitting flight suits should be used for this era, they should have the sturdiness of a normal flight suit, but should hug the body.
    • Flight suits should be black, grey or match armor color.
  3. Neck Seal:
    • Some form of neck seal is required to meet the full "sealed" flight suit requirement.
    • neck seals can be separate pieces or built into the flight suit.
  4. Capes, kamas, and loin cloths:
    • Half capes can be worn in addition to the required back-plate.
    • Kamas are acceptable and should be worn UNDER the belt or waist sash.
    • Loincloths can be worn in addition to the required groin covering and should be worn UNDER the belt or waist sash.
    • Soft cods can either be built into the flight suit or worn separately.
  5. Ammo belt and pouches:
    • You must have either an ammo/girth/holster belt or waist sash, or any combination of these four items.
    • Leather, leather-like, or cloth are the only materials acceptable for belts, straps, and pouches in this era.
    • Nylon straps, belts, or pouches are NOT acceptable.
    • Visible plastic clips/belt closures are NOT acceptable.
  6. Gloves:
    • Full fingered gloves are required to meet the fully "sealed" flight suit requirement.
    • Labels and brand names must be removed or covered.
  7. Boots:
    • Combat/Utility boots are considered the primary accepted boot for armor.
    • Labels and brand names should be removed or covered.
    • Shoe-laces should be covered with armor or some sort of boot/ankle spat.
    • High heels/stiletto female boots are not acceptable mandalorian armor attire. Platform boots are acceptable.

Suggested Components:
These items are not required, but are included as additional suggested costume components.
  1. Kama
  2. Armor weathering (stains, dirt, dust, damage, etc.)
  3. Use of Mando'a lettering and phrases on armor.
  4. Leather straps or pouches, bandoliers or ammo belts.
  5. Capes, kamas, and loincloths encouraged.
  6. Use of Neo-Crusader sigil in armor design.
  The DON’T List:
These items/concepts should NOT be used in your custom Mandalorian costume character.
  1. No soft armor/Halloween costumes/Mando pajamas
  2. No tennis shoes/sneakers
  3. No stiletto/high heel boots.
  4. No visible zippers or closures on flight suit or armor/flak vest.
  5. No jeans, t-shirts, sweat suits, etc. used as flight suits or armor/flak vests.
  6. No Jedi-Mandos or Sith-Mandos. “Force-adept” or “Force-sensitive” Mandos are acceptable.
  7. No modern era helmets, gauntlets, chest or body armor.
  8. No visible nylon or elastic strapping.
  9. No visible shoe laces.
  10. No "modern" or "common" off the shelf camo patterns may be used.  Camo patterns allowed must be uncommon, vintage, or in-universe and will be highly scrutinized during the application process.  Officially barred "off the shelf" camo patterns:  Woodland, Tiger Stripe, 3 Color Desert, MARPAT, Real Tree, Mossy Oak, ACU, Urban, 6 Color Desert, Swiss Alpineflague, and MultiCam.
  11. EVA foam is not an acceptable armor building material for the MMCC. EVA foam MAY be considered for use on parts such as "soft cods" and "soft" knees. It will be a suitable material to back plating on knees and such for comfort. Any EVA that is visible, ie. soft cods and soft knees, will be HIGHLY scrutinized. It is HIGHLY recommended that if you choose this route, you heavily incorporate the App Team in the WIP and apply any suggestions to increase the probability of acceptance.
  12. ALL visible sports armor up to and including soccer shin guards and any combination sport or SWAT/Military/Occupational foot/shin/knee pads will not be accepted by any new applicants who wish to apply for Official Membership within the MMCC, unless used as plate carriers and are modified beyond the normal earthy appearance of the stock piece.
  13. No contemporary technology unless hidden or cleverly disguised.  (Examples:  Exposed IPods, Iphones, Cell phones, Calculators, PDAs, or Palm devices)

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